And if you use faulty products of Starway, Starsway will provide services to you on the following terms:

1, From the date of your purchasing date, Starsway provide the appropriate warranty period;

2, The source of a product of off-site purchase, guaranteed that no matter where you buy any product from Starsway, any authorized service station you choose , Starsway has a responsibility in accordance with the "Starsway Pledge" to provide you with services, Make sure that you use the product with satisfaction;

3, You can call the service hotline nearby city Starsway authorized service station, consult the relevant technical issues. Starway provides you six days a week (Monday to Friday 9: 00-18: 30; Saturday 13: 00-17: 00) hotline counseling services (except legal holidays). Hotline: 400-8233-109, not opened telephone service area, please call 0755-23778044 

4,Service: Starsway products take customer service repair mode, you will be served a dealer Products Starsway authorized service station to receive services ;

5, Warranty period finds that:
Starsway product warranty period from the date of purchase of the product began computing, customers must provide proof of purchase of the original product (such as an invoice or a valid proof of purchase, etc.); when the replacement period are not available when the original proof of purchase, the warranty period to the 2 months start to push back the date of purchase products. When the warranty period are not available when the original proof of purchase, the fees paid in accordance with starsway standard product warranty.

6, Replacement and maintenance:

OZ: Product replacement period after purchase, if found non-device compatibility issues or non-human damage to the product quality problems, and Star Dance or its authorized service station contact product replacement service; (Starsway only products subject replacement, accessories, materials, packaging, etc. is not a replacement range is limited to a replacement or new functions properly, the yield capacity of the same model; replacement period, customers purchase products such as model has been discontinued, the replacement product will only different models of the same capacity is limited to the product)
Maintenance: product warranty period after purchase, if found to belong to product quality issues within the scope of free warranty, and may Starsway or its authorized service station contact product repair services; (purchased by customers, such as product model has been discontinued, the product free the warranty period will last until the product was halted six months ended)

7, Any of the following circumstances, we will not provide free warranty service to you, please understand!
(1) you purchased the product exceed the effective warranty period;
(2) During the warranty period, the user unauthorized alteration warranty cards, bar codes; code serial number laser abrasion, missing unrecognized;
(3) During the warranty period, the user self-transformation, demolition or repair warranty products;
(4) physical appearance and functions for personal use improper damage; that is irresistible product damage caused by natural disasters and the like;
(5) the use of third-party software or hardware products cause damage, such as by a computer virus and antivirus software antivirus insecure unauthorized firmware function loss and damage caused, etc;
(6) repair in transit due to improper packaging repair customers and third-party carrier in the case of force majeure due to lost or damaged product, etc;
(7) the unauthorized use this product for third-party development, production or other professional test result in product failure or damage;
(8) Other issues for reasons other than the quality of the product itself generated.
Notes: 1, "replacement" or "warranty" service object does not include product packaging and other accessories.

8. Disclaimer:
(1) above warranty statement does not cover any improper installation, accident, abuse, misuse, natural disaster, insufficient power supply voltage or overload, incorrect operation, poor environmental conditions, or any unauthorized disassembly, repair or modify product damage caused. This limited warranty does not apply in the following cases: 1, did not specify the use of the product according to the supplied; 2, do not use the product to function as intended;
(2) product warranty policy on Starsway final interpretation of Starsway Technology Limited. All content, described in the warranty card and if discrepancies between national regulations, subject to national regulations;
(3) Where a source of counterfeit Starsway Technology Limited. products or violations within the manufacturers of products and services not covered by this policy area;
(4)Starsway warranty liability is limited to providing a repair, replacement or refund. If any cases of violation of the law or the terms of the product warranty, will repair, replace, or refund, as the only compensation;
(5) Refund will follow when making a warranty claim, regardless of the current value of the product is higher than the purchase price, the purchase price will be refunded. Labels must provide the original purchase date and place of the proof of purchase and product descriptions and prices;
(6) Can you please give backup of data stored in the product, the Starway is not responsible for all lost or corrupted data and thus direct or indirect loss caused almost;
(7)Starsway does not authorize its products are used in critical components in life support equipment, as well as other failure or malfunction could lead to all relevant applications injury or death happens.  if the product is applied to others without including but not limited to the field of military equipment or military related equipment, traffic control equipment, disaster prevention systems or medical equipment, the cause of death for any personal injury, loss or any individual for any property damage, Starway will not bear any legal responsibility;
(8) The warranty card is subject to change without notice.

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